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Getting introduced to ENGINEERING

What is Engineering?

Engineering is one of the most sought after professions that originated with civilization. Reference to wars, weapons, chariots, airplanes, palaces, metals, musical instruments and ancient jewelry are engineering marvels created by master craftsmen known variously as – mason, mechanic, carpenter, blacksmith, goldsmith etc.

Modern Concept & Branches

It was around 1750-1800 AD when the designation of ENGINEER was used for the Craftsmen. Civil Engineering was the first stream of technical education that started in France followed by Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical streams in England. The list got enhanced over the years with names like - Textiles, Mining, Metallurgy, Marine, Aeronautical, Architecture, Agriculture, Computer Science, Electronics, Telecom, Petroleum, Plastics, Environment…and the new generation names are – Bioengineering, Mechatronics, Micro Electronics, Space....Genome and Genetic Engineering. (the list is not complete)

4 - Levels of Engineering Education

  1. i. SKILL training courses of 2 – 6 months duration in any technical activity;
  2. ii. Certificate courses from the Industrial Training Institutes (ITI)
  3. iii. Diploma of 3-years from Polytechnics or a Community Colleges;
  4. iv. Under Graduate course of 4-years from University called B Tech or BS;

Success in Engineering is not linked to degree, diploma and the name of Institution. It depends on SKILL, observation, imagination, analytical ability and competence to solve problems. There are ways to acquire Engineering qualification by part-time courses also. One can acquire a degree even from one of the top Institutions while working for a job.

Placement and Work Options?

Engineers have multiple career options in – design, fabrication, erection & commissioning, operation & maintenance, academics, research and entrepreneurship. Alternate options are management and administrative services, family business, politics, social work or consultancy. But make sure, what you want to be? Have a clear GOAL to succeed……! A degree in Engineering is NO guarantee for job and a high salary PACKAGE!

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